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When I think “Iconic Australian Fishing Desinations” images of vast red sand, dingoes, iridescent blue water, Barramundi and steamy hot days spring to mind, there aren’t  many places in this country that could possibly accommodate such a fantasy, however one place that many Anglers dream about, is a small town situated in the Cape York Peninsular, a place the locals refer to as “Red town” and after spending just a few minutes off the plane, we can certainly see why it has inherited such a name.

Weipa is the largest town in the  Gulf of Carpentaria and according to Wiki, has a population of just over 3500 people. Known as a Miners town, Weipa is, well, a Miners town! That just about sums up Weipa, a couple pubs, a few specialty shops and a supermarket.

Anglers travel from all over the world to fish the remote creeks and inlets for Barramundi, Queeenfish, Mangrove Jack and a variety of other salty critters but for us, we came here to spend time with good mate Kurt Gane, who runs a  specialty fishing charter operation in the Gulf, a local who has spent all his life here, Kurt knows Weipa better than most and with a brand new shiney bullet on the back of his 6.0 Cyclone we just couldn’t wait to spend time on the water with him and see how his new Honda performed.

Kurt, how long have you been guiding and living in Weipa?
I’ve lived in Weipa for 27 years and started fishing it the day I arrived.

What made you decide to start guiding a sports fishing vessel in Weipa?
I’ve been guiding for 4 years I decided to start guiding when I realised I enjoyed being able to help people achieve their fishing goals. Watching people catch their first trophy fish or first species takes me strait back to the first time I caught that size fish or species. I realised I grew up in a special unique place and I want other people to experience what I’ve got to experience over the past 27 years.

What species do you target ?
I’m not picky on my species, I like to pick one or two for the day and go hard. But in saying that I think it’s smart to fish your seasons so I target Barra when their in season, mackerel, Tuna,fingermark sail fish at different times of the year.

What do most of your clients want to catch in Weipa?
Barra for their areal display and unauthodoc feeding times. Mackerel, Tuna and sails for the sheer reel sizzle, and fingermark jacks and tuskers for their ruthless bursts of power.

What made you choose Honda?
Honda make solid products that last, I want an outboard that I can rely on when I’m 200klm from home. No ones coming to bail you out In the cape.

How have you found the after sales dealer support?
Dealer support has always been at my finger tips, it’s just a phone call away.








Bryce Poole (Product Development), Kurt Gane (Weipa Charter) and BillyD (Zeikel CEO)

Bryce Poole (Product Development), Kurt Gane (Weipa Charter) and BillyD (Zeikel CEO)

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